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Game Remix, Tracker Homage [REMASTERED]

by Mazedude

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Some time ago, I had an idea. See, these past few years I’ve been learning more about music production, getting better at the craft in terms of EQ, compression, mixing, mastering, reverb, etc. My gear has also significantly improved over what I used to have. Along the way, I’ve been thinking: hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I put my video game remixes – that simultaneously are homages to trackers that I grew up with – into a singular collection?

And wouldn’t it be cool if I remastered them first, so that they’d sound a bit more polished? Cleaner? More professional? I mean, a lot of these tracks were originally assembled and mixed a LONG time ago…

What you see here is just that. Most of these remixes have been completely rebuilt from their original release, painstakingly deconstructed into new layers via Schism Tracker, and ultimately re-mixed and re-mastered in ProTools. (Some of my more recent works, as well as the pieces from American Pixels, are the same as their original release.)

Enjoy! Many of these are among my personal favorites as an arranger and remixer, and I hope you’ll agree that they sound good together. This doesn’t include every single tracker homage I’ve ever done, but it’s most of them!

A few specifics:

Sagat’s Moonbike is an homage to "Donovan's Moonbike" by Radix

Tangerine Fever is an homage to "Tangerine Fascination" by Necros

Turtle Wave is an homage to "Nine One One" by WAVE

Space Garden is an homage to "Space Bar" by Virgill

Glow Worm Jim is a general homage to the style of Xerxes

Tanglesleep is an homage to "Winter's Dream" by Necros

Big Sister Matti is an homage to "Matti's Theme" by Xerxes

More than MoN is a general homage to the style of Maniacs of Noise (WAVE, Laxity, Drax)

Purple Streets in an homage to "Insideout" by Purple Motion

Comix Bubbles is a general homage to the style of Beek's chiptunes

Micker Cripper Mime is an homage to "Working in Progress" by Mick Rippon

Jackrabbit Transformer is an homage to "Carpe Diem" by Siren

Switch Force Ballad is a general homage to the style of Radix, or rather his newer work under the artist name Mosaik

Super Double Espresso is an homage to "Over Reacted" by Norfair

Slick Rippin Keen is a general homage to the style of Mick Rippon

Zombies Ate My Tracker is a general homage to the style of teenage Mazedude

Zapper’s Freedom is an homage to "Late Shift" by Zapper

Alone With Tiger is an homage to "Alone" by Mick Rippon

Door of Drax is a general homage to the style of Drax

All-Star Doskpop is a general homage to the style of Elwood

Martian Commando is an homage to "Martian Lovesong" by Necros

Retrohead Five is an homage to "Ninja Philosophy" by Basehead

Parasite X is a general homage to the style of Xerxes

Agent Sprawl is an homage to "Agent Zed" by Laxity

Read the Sine is an homage to "Stranglehold" by WAVE

And while it's difficult to find current websites for many of these tracker folks, I was able to find a few:

Maniacs of Noise / WAVE: soundcloud.com/maniacs-of-noise
Mick Rippon: soundcloud.com/mickrip
Xerxes: xerxes-music.com
Radix, aka Mosaik: mosaik.se
Virgill: soundcloud.com/virgill
Siren (Alexander Brandon): alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com
Necros: soundcloud.com/andrew-sega
Drax: soundcloud.com/drax_maniacs-of-noise
Laxity: soundcloud.com/laxity-1

A few other notable links:








released December 17, 2021

Artwork by Isabella Getman (that's right, Mazedude's daughter, age 8)

Agent Sprawl features Kunal Majmudar on keyboard

Sagat's Moonbike: Original theme "Sagat (Thailand)" composed by Isao Abe, Yoko Shimomura

Tangerine Fever: Original theme "Mill Fever" composed by David Wise

Turtle Wave: Original theme "Let's Go Turtles" composed by Kozo Nakamura, Tomoya Tomita, Yuichi Sakakura

Space Garden: Original theme "Erana's Garden" composed by Aubrey Hodges

Glow Worm Jim: Original theme "Lorenzo's Soil" composed by Tommy Tallarico

Tanglesleep: Original theme "Defeat (Game Over)" composed by Andrew Aversa

Big Sister Matti: Original theme "Pairbond" composed by Garry Schyman

More than MoN: Original theme "McRock" composed by Tommy Tallarico

Purple Streets: Original theme "City Streets" composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson

Comix Bubbles: Original theme "Night of the Mutants (Episode 1-1)" composed by Howard Drossin

Micker Cripper Mime: Original theme "The Moglie's Theme" composed by Nobuo Uematsu

Jackrabbit Transformer: Original theme "Water Level" composed by Alexander Brandon

Switch Force Ballad: Original theme "Title" composed by Jake Kaufman

Super Double Espresso: Original theme "Mission 01 Las Vegas" composed by Kazunaka Yamane

Slick Rippin Keen: Original theme "Spiro Grip Me Tighter" composed by Bobby Prince

Zombies Ate My Tracker: Original theme "Pyramid of Fear" composed by Joe McDermott

Zapper's Freedom: Original theme "Catherine's Freedom" composed by Robyn Miller

Alone With Tiger: Original theme "Sagat (Thailand)" composed by Isao Abe, Yoko Shimomura

Door of Drax: Original theme "Door of Holy Spirits" composed by Akiropito, Jeff Lorber, Michiru Yamane, Rika Muranaka, Tomoko Sano, Tony Haynes

All-Star Doskpop: Original theme "Vs. Pro All-Stars" composed by Kazuo Sawa

Martian Commando: Original theme "Papagayan Anthem" composed by Simon Viklund

Retrohead Five: Original theme "Retro City Rampage Title Song" composed by Jake Kaufman

Parasite X: Original theme "Vs. Parasite Queen" composed by Kenji Yamamoto, Koichi Kyuma

Agent Sprawl: Original theme "Welcome To The Sprawl" composed by Jason Graves

Read the Sine: Original theme "Welcome to Our Town!" composed by Nobuo Uematsu


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Mazedude Liverpool, New York

Christopher "Mazedude" Getman is an award-winning composer for video games and beyond, currently in development on his next major release "Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project" - now on Kickstarter! www.kickstarter.com/projects/mazedude/words-and-verses-a-biblical-music-project ... more

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